Making Your car life easy in tokyo is the aim!

WELCOME T0 Mick Lay Motors - Japan. (Used car License/自動車商301001308850).

Buying, selling and owning a  Car in Tokyo made easy!

…the reason you are here is is to Either Buy a New or Used Car or sell your car – and or need associated services re owning a car in toky0.  We can help you quickly and easily!  Are you an importer of cars from outside of Japan?  I can assist you in finding your car/s in Japan and arrange export to you.  (Note: With importing to your country certain restrictions / regulations may be needed to be cleared before you can import a car.  Be sure to check your country’s import regulations.

After arriving in Japan in 1990 and working part time and studying full time Mick found himself working in the used car export business exporting cars to different ports in Africa and Europe. 

Over the years the experience in buying, selling, leasing, export, repairing, registration, import and general car issues makes Mick Lay Motors a great place to rely on having all your used and new car needs looked after in Tokyo.   You can concentrate on family and work and we will look after the car issues.

  • Buying a New Car in Tokyo – ok!
  • Buying a Used Car in Tokyo – ok!
  • Selling Your Car – ok!   Yes – We can help you sell your car in Tokyo!
    Contact Mick Lay via email         Cars(at)MickLay(dot)com
  • Car Registration Extensions / Shaken Extensions – ok!
  • Car Repairs – Body and Mechanical – ok!
  • Accident Repair Work – ok!


Mick Lay Motors efficiently handles the supply of and selling of your cars when needed.   

 Japanese Language Support  
You are in an accident and you need someone to talk to the police or other party – Mick Lay can do that on the fly!  If possible be sure to be connected with Mick prior to the accident!  Connect live with Mick on one of your smart phone apps like “Line” “Whatsapp” “Messenger”  

Need a Loan Car Whilst Yours is Being Repaired
Having panel work done on your car and a loan car?  Contact us today about preparing a loan car for you whilst your car is being serviced, fixed or repaired. (Tokyo residential area only.  Other areas may be possible – contact us).

Making Your Car Life Easy is the Aim!
As stated above this is our aim – to make the process of buying, owning, servicing, and selling your car in Tokyo easy.  Contact us today.


Why Use Buy Cars Japan (Mick Lay Motors- Japan)?


  1. Stress-Free process – you get to concentrate on family and work – we do all the car stuff!
  2. Advice on what vehicle may work best for you and what budget is / is not needed to buy a car in Tokyo.
  3. Saves you time and money – you can try and run around and buy a car but I can guarantee that using our services you will greatly benefit from the time and hassle we save you!
  4. Maintain your car to stay safe on the road – need servicing and repairs?  Contact us today about getting your car sorted and back on the road.
  5. Japanese Language Assistance and General Advice – Japan is a bit different when it comes to how cars are sold, registered, etc plus it’s all in Japanese!  We’ll look after you and take care of all the language barriers.

Our services

Buying a New Car in Japan? – “TEST DRIVE”

Use our services to order a new car in Japan.  We will provide you with a quote for cash and or lease/finance when required.   We guide you with what paper work you need to provide. 

TEST DRIVE – would you like to have a car come to your home or office? (Tokyo / Yokohama area only).  Contact us today.  (Some models may not have a test drive car available).  

What New Cars Can We Do – pretty much any new car! – HOW IT WORKS
We have contacts with several new car manufacturers.  We make arrangements for you to have a test drive car come to you (if a test drive car is available).  We assist with guiding you on pricing, paper work, finance and or lease application, servicing etc.  The dealer pays us a small fee from there side – so you pay no more than if you did all the leg work yourself.

Selling Your Car in Tokyo / Yokohama?

We will help you sell your car for the best possible price – contact Mick Lay to see if we can up load your car into the “Private” sale section of the web site.  We can assist with promotion on social network platforms like Face Book, You Tube to get you maximum exposure. 

What happens if the car is not sold when I am leaving?  
Don’t worry – we are able to buy or dispose of the car as a last resort when you need to leave and no private buyer is available.  Contact us today.

Selling your car can be and is a time consuming and frustrating process.  How do you know that the buying party has the right paper work?  How do you get a better price for your car?  What paper work do you need?  Let us make the selling process easy for you!

Buying a Used Car in Tokyo?

You have just arrived / landed in Tokyo and are not sure what to buy or how much to spend – all good!  We will take the stress, time and hassle out of buying a car in Tokyo. Talk with us about what cars are available in stock or in the private sellers section – there may be a perfect match at a great budget price waiting for you!

If the car you need is not available we can supply a vehicle that is close to what you want or a vehicle that will do the job for you while you are in Tokyo / Japan.

We guide you with the paperwork process, servicing and registration – we make it easy for you so you can spend time at work and looking after the family.  You pay no more than if you were to do all the running around yourself – in fact you will save money in that sense as we take out the wasted time and stress factors!
Contact us today.

Servicing and Shaken Renewals

You need to service your car – or your car’s registration (Called “Shaken” is Japanese) – SHAKEN is Pronounced like this – Sha is like Shu in the English word SHUT and ken is as it looks as in the name KEN. OK? 

Contact us about scheduling to have your car picked up or drop your car off to a servicing contact of ours to have work done to your car – need a loan car while this is being done?  Sure – book in with us and we will get you sorted.

Breakdowns are generally inconvenient and costly and in many cases, they are also avoidable. The way to avoid them is to maintain your vehicle.


We are here to assist you at not only the start of your car life in Tokyo but also during and at the end when you leave.  

So if you have any questions and or needs regarding your car e.g,
(body and or mechanical),

Registration extension,
Selling a car to a friend,
Changing cars,
Exporting your car
and most other car related questions contact us today – we are happy to help.


Yes if you need help with reading something send us a pic / copy and we will tell you what it is.  Also if you need translation when talking to a Japanese party/person e.g the police etc we are happy to help.  Go to our contact section of the web page for contact details

Export Your Car

Want to export your car back home or simply export a car to another country. We can assist with the export details of cars out of Japan.
Before you ship!
Be aware some countries will not accept used cars so be sure to confirm the rules, regulations, and costs with regards to importing a car into the country of destination before you ship it or ask us to ship it from Japan. It may be the case that you can not export to that country.  Contact us today with any questions re Exporting your car out of Japan.

Prior to export some countries require a pre export test, radiation check etc.  An export deregistration also needs to be made in order to clear customs and in some countries this export deregistration document is required for the registration in that country.