Buy Budget Used Cars For Tokyo, Japan.

How Much Do I Need To Spend To Buy a Reliable Used Car In Tokyo.

For now – In late 2022 – Taking into account the initial servicing, paperwork / title change, tire condition, length of registration – to get something clean and reliable pricing will start at around 600,000 yen or so.

All cars sold via Mick Lay (unless it is a private sale introduction) are serviced pre sale. Private sale vehicles’ servicing can also be done. Be sure to check that private selling vehicle before you buy it!

When buying a car in Tokyo (or anywhere else) the best way to avert major issues is to have the car pre checked by a qualified mechanic shop. If any servicing is needed, have it done. The minimum should be an oil/coolant and oil filter change. In most cases brake pads will be low and may need changing. Also tires can be an issue. Other common issues will be the battery, AT (atomatic transmission) fluid, rust, belts and possibly transmission issues, broken lights, suspension issues, brake rotars etc.

All cars bought for local sales at Mick Lay Motors Japan are pre checked and serviced appropriately.

Private Sales – have a pre check done!

Yes it’s possible to get a good deal when buying privatley and we at Mick Lay Motors are happy to facilitate the process for you. We can arrange the title change, pre check and servicing*. A good idea before you agree on a buy price is to have the car checked. It could quite easily cost you over 200,000 yen in servicing if brake pad, caliper, shock absorber replacement etc is required. You’ll need this information to offer the “right price”. Contact Mick Lay about a basic check on your car.

Other issues may be tires, cracked windscreens (that you don’t notice), cracked lights etc that would need replacing to pass any shaken (registration extension). These costs can add up very quickly! There maybe scratches, dents etc that you’d like fixed and you need to know how much that would cost in order to offer the right price. *(Note depending on your location this service may not be available).