Door to Door Car Registration Extension & Servicing in Tokyo

For some reason, people think that after ten years the car registration of vehicles in Japan changes to every year (once a year).
This is FALSE.
A non-commercial passenger vehicle’s car registration is every two years for the life of the vehicle! Note: At new the car will have three years registration and thereafter it will need to take the test to pass the following registration extension – that extension will be for two years only. You can not ask for an extension of 3 months or 6 months or 12 months etc – it is a set 24 months / two years. As I mentioned above the extension for the life of the car will be for two years every two years after the first three years has expired.

How much does it cost to extend your car’s registration in Japan (Shaken Extension)? Taxes payable at the time of doing the shaken are calculated based on the car’s weight and engine size. Email us a copy of your car’s shaken (registration) paper and we will check your car’s particulars. Example of a shaken / registration paper – see here. Email us at cars(at) or Fax: 03-4496-6394

What’s involved in extending a car’s registration (shaken) in Japan?
In Japan when extending the car’s registration the car must be taken over the pits (official car checking station/service center). Unlike in some countries where you just pay the car’s registration and place a new sticker on the window – this is not the case in Japan. The car must be taken over an official check station where a series of checks are carried out.
E.g, checking for oil leaks, emission test, windows and light check, front and rear brake check, hand brake checks, horn check, etc, this check is done and if all is cleared and taxes paid the car will be issued an updated registration paper showing a new validity date of two years later.
There is also a small blue sticker showing the date of when the car’s shaken expires – show example of the blue shaken sticker – don’t get this mixed up with the service sticker which is a bigger round sticker which is usually stuck to the top left of the front window screen as you sit inside the car (see the example of a service sticker).

This process means that you normally have to take your car to a service center – the process can take from one day to several days depending on who does the work. Due to family and work commitments taking your car to a service station can be inconvenient and or not possible. This is why we have a door to door service for persons living in most areas of Tokyo, some areas of Yokohama, some areas of Chiba and some areas of Saitama. We will come to your home or office (subject to location) and pick your car up at about 9 am and usually return the car the next day at or about 1 pm.
Bookings are required – please call us to book in your car.
Please have the car’s shaken / registration paper ready to email to us or fax (fax no. 03-4496-6394).

General Servicing – oil change, etc.
Yes, we can handle servicing of your car – this also is a door to door service as with the shaken service noted above.
Call or email us to book in your car for a service.

Body Repairs
Has your car been in an accident and needs repair? We can handle that as well. If needed we can also arrange a loan car while your car is being repaired. Call us direct to arrange the pick up of your car and for information on the process of having your car repaired. We can speak to your insurance agent (in Japanese) when and if required to take care of the repair using your insurance or the other party’s insurer.

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