Gas Station Useful Vocab

There are 2 types of gas stations in Japan Self Service (which is becoming more common on the outskirts of the cities) or Full Service.  In general most of the gas stations around the expat-friendly areas of Tokyo are Full Service, you might pay slightly more but initially well worth it.

You can find some useful terms below.

Regular = レギュラー “Re-gyu-raa”
High Octane = ハイオク “Hai-oku”
Diesel = 軽油 “Kei-yu”


Fill the tank = 満タン “Mantan”
With cash = 現金で “Genkin de”
By credit card = クレジットカードで “Kurejito Kaado de”
Ashtray = 灰皿 “Haizara”


1000 yen =千円  “Sen-en”
2000 yen = 二千円(2千円)”Ni-sen-en”
3000 yen = 三千円(3千円)”San-zen-en”
4000 yen = 四千円(4千円)”Yon-sen-en”
5000 yen = 五千円(5千円)”Go-sen-en”


When you leave, the employee will ask which way you are going, in order to help you get on the move again.
どちらに行きますか? Dochira ni ikimasu ka?
You can answer:
Left = 左に “Hidari ni”
Right = 右に “Migi ni”

Don’t forget to say thank you afterward.
Thank you = ありがとうございました “Arigato Gozaimashita”