How to buy a car in Japan

Firstly you may want to check our video library for cars in Japan [ HERE ]

If you have the time and patience you can drive out to the areas where car dealers are located (mostly on the outskirts of Tokyo).
You will experience the hassle of traffic (getting there), language barriers and not being told the whole story about the paperwork, timing and other car issues that can and will most likely cause you unwanted stress and waste your time.

Or – you can talk to Mick Lay Motors and fast track the process taking the stress out of the buying a car in Japan process and enabling you to concentrate on work and family.

Mick Lay Motors has cars in stock and if the car you need is not in stock we can supply that vehicle for you.
We do not charge a premium just because our service is in English.

How to start the buying process;
-Check the VIDEO LIBRARY to see what kind of car may suit you – then ….
-Contact Mick Lay Motors by phone, email or web page
PHONE: 03-3468-0804 | 090-9370-0587 | [email protected]
-Discuss with us what your needs/budget is and we will email you cars that are in stock that may fit your needs.
-If the car you need is not in stock we will give you information on the approximate budget required to purchase that vehicle in today’s market.
-We’ll assist with all paperwork, registration, delivery, insurance set up, servicing and all other car related issues
-It is a door to door process so you can concentrate on work and family not having to waste time chasing cars at dealer sites.
-Our after sales servicing is also set up so you can continue to enjoy a stress-free car ownership experience whilst you are in Japan.

New Car – Are you looking for a new car for your time in Tokyo?
We can supply all makes of new cars as well. Again the time it can take you to find information, organize a test drive, etc can be a time-consuming job and more than likely you do not have the time to do that!?
Let us take care of the particulars and arrange the order, find out if the new car you want is in stock now and other information that you need.
We can assist with the paperwork, parking permit application, finance, and lease applications, etc for your new and used car in Japan.
Talk to us at Mick Lay Motors about your new car order in Japan.

What make of new cars and used cars can we supply in Japan?
Pretty much all major makes like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, etc

If you have any questions re cars in Japan we’ll do our best to answer them. Email [email protected]