Mitsubishi Delica D5 – Family Van or 4×4?

The Mitsubishi Delica D5 is an 8 seater family van but what makes it different from other family vans is that it uses the same 4WD set-up as Mistubishi’s Outlander SUV. Higher off the ground than the standard family vans with chunky alloys and a distinctive front grill sets it apart from all other vans around. The D:5 is comfortable, and its tall driving position means great visibility.

Options include electronic sliding doors, auto trunk, parking sensors and back monitor. Unlike the new Toyota Estima’s where the 3rd-row seats fold down into the trunk well the D5 3rd row folds up – in my point of view not quite as convenient but still gives you the option of added space in the back. Moving the 2nd row forward you even have enough space to put push bikes.

8 seats is the standard seating arrangement for the Delica D:5 4WD. 7 seats is an optional arrangement where the 2nd-row seating for three people is replaced with two individual seats.

The Delica D5 has the diesel version – diesel is cheaper than gasoline in Japan by about 20%.

Length: 473cm
Width:  179.5cm
Height: 187cm