Tokyo Parking Space Size Restrictions

Are you aware of the size limitations your car can be in order to fit into your parking space?

It is important to understand the dimensions of your parking space not only to be sure what car can actually fit into the space but in order to be able to register the car into your name!

In order to regsiter a car you buy into your name (in Tokyo and most cities in Japan) you are required to first apply for a parking permit. Part of the parking permit application is to show the local police station that the parking space you intend to use is big enough to fit the car. If the car is bigger in e.g height that can be parked into the parking space a parking permit will not be issued – meaning that you can not then register the car into your name.

Before You Buy A Car

Ask for and or check the official dimensions and in case of machine parking the weight limitations of your parking space. The real estate management can provide this to you. Also note that on most machine parking set ups there is a plaque stating the dimension and weight limitations for the parking spaces.

Some set parking set ups may have a mixture of “High Roof” and “Low Roof” parking spaces. The low roof spaces are generally limited to cars of a height to 1.55m. Vehicles to this height are standard sedan vehicles. If you need a larger vehicle e.g SUV style, Mini Van style etc then you will need a parking space that will allow a height over 1.55m.

Before you buy a car check the parking space dimensions and the dimansions of the car / style of car you want to buy.

Before Choosing a Property to Live In

Clarify with the real estate agent that the parking space can fit the size car you intend to buy! I have seen cases where the question asked is “Is a parking space included”…the answer if yes will not all all cases guarantee that the size of the space will be what you need. This is not ncessarily the real estate agents fault ….. in fact I doubt if any real estate agent thinks of this issue when introducing a property. You may argue that the car is an extension of the use of the property and it’s part of the agent’s duty of care to cover this issue at the time of showing a property to a client. (Hence – best for you to get ahead of the curve and clarify this at the start before signing a contract to lease).

What Height Parking Space Do I Need

The minivan / 7 or 8 seat family vehicle is usally up to aboyt 1.9meters – (some may differ so be sure to first check)!. The Mercedes G Wagon is just on or over 2m high.

Roof Racks etc

If your vehicle has roof racks, stoarge boxes etc on top of the car then you will need to allow for that height aswell!

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