Toyota Estima – NOT just a family car?

The Toyota Estima has always been a stable in the family van line-up, but now with the options to add different sports kits to it Toyota is trying to make it a more luxury van. The 3rd row of seats that fold the whole way into the floor (auto in certain models) means the middle row can be moved nearly the whole way back giving you extra space.

Coming in a 2.4ltr or 3.5ltr model 2WD or 4WD makes it very practical for anyone that wants to use it for city driving but it also handles well going up to the mountains.

Currently (March 2015) if you are after the auto fold 3rd row, auto trunk and leather seats your only option is the G edition (changed from previous years when it was also available in the Aeros editions) however you are limited to cream leather interior. If you are happy to fold the 3rd row manually you have more options when it comes to the editions and leather seats. As you can see in the below video grey (Ice Titanium) with the Cream Leather looks great.

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Above Estima Model and Options.

Estima G (AHR50W-GFXQK (T))
Seats: 7
Engine: 2.4ltr
Exterior Color: Ice Titanium (1H4)
Interior Color: Cream Leather
Estima G grade included options: Auto slide doors, Power back door, Auto retract side mirror

Maker Options

  1. Auto folding rear seats
  2. ETC
  3. SRS Side Airbags
  4. Clearance & Back Sonor
  5. Leather Seats

Dealer Options

  1. Floor Mats
  2. Side Visors
  3. Entry Navi with English speaking (only Japanese maps and won’t work if you are exporting this car to another country).
  4. Back Guide Monitor
  5. Navi link kit