What to do if you lose your car keys in Tokyo?

I will start this by saying “Don’t” and make sure you have a spare key. But sometime it can’t be helped and the unthinkable happens. If it is a Japanese brand car with an actual key you might be in luck as there are a few companies out there that can come to your home/apartment and get a key made for you.
If your car has a form of immobiliser in it you will find that the price can be expensive.In general for an older car with an immobiliser you can be looking at around ¥80,000 newer cars will be more.

If however you have a European car then that can get even more expensive and in the case of Range Rovers it might be necessary to get the key ordered in Europe and sent over so you could be without a car for up to 6 weeks waiting on a replacement to arrive.
For most European cars an extra key can cost anywhere from ¥30,000 – ¥70,000. However, if you lose all your keys and you need a full new set it could be up to double or triple that price in order to get back into your car.

If you are in need of getting a spare key made then we can help arrange. In most case we will need the car on 2 occasions firstly to get the key number and secondly to sync the extra key back to the car.

If you do lose all your keys you can contact Key Ambulance (カギの救急車) on 0120-698-999. You will need someone to help you that can speak Japanese as well as having a copy of your car’s registration – beware it will be expensive minimum ¥80,000.

Remember for all your car needs in Tokyo contact US!