Can I buy a car without a Japanese licence?

In short; Yes. (The issue is that you can not drive without a valid licence that will allow you to drive a car in Japan).
You can buy and have the car registered in your name without a driving licence – but you can not drive it legally.
Get your Japanese Driving Licence to make sure you are legal to drive in Japan.

Can I use my International Driving Licence?

Best to call the JAF (Japan Auto Federation) and give them details of your home driving licence and international driving licence.

Do I need Private Insurance?

In my opinion yes you need to have at least third party private insurance but having private insurance is not a requirement.
Compulsory Insurance is included in your car’s shaken / car registration. The problem with Compulsory Insurance (Jibai Seki in Japanese) is that it does not cover you the driver very well. Please consult an insurance agent regarding your car insurance requirements. I know a few agents – if you call me or email me I’d be happy to introduce you to a car insurance agent.

Parking Permit – do I need one?

In many areas of Japan (especially Tokyo) you need to prove that you have a parking space in order to be able to transfer a title of a car into your name.
The parking space needs to be within two (2) km’s of your registered home address.

Is there a lot of paper work required in buying or selling a car?

Yes and a lot of time is required as well! Contact Mick Lay Motors direct and engage us to assist and get the paper work sorted for the new or used car you are about to buy or sell. Contact us at [email protected]

Can I Import my Car from my Home Country into Japan?

Yes – but the costs involved will more than likely make it cheaper to buy a car here and sell it when you leave Japan. Importing a car into Japan can cost over one million yen above shipping costs to Japan. Contact Mick Lay Motors Direct on the cost of buying a car compared to importing your own car.

Can I Export my Car out of Japan?

Yes you can but before you do check the rules and regulations of the country of destination. You car may not be allowed in that country or taxes that you have to pay may make it a bad financial decision to export your car. Call Mick Lay Motors direct to discuss and arrange export shipping of your car.

Any other questions? – if you have any questions about buying a car in Japan contact Mick Lay Motors on Tokyo 03-3468-0804 or 090-9370-0587