KNOWN AS Japanese Compulory Insurance for cars - Called JIBAISEKI IN JAPANESE

What is JCI or CALI / JibaiSeki? (Insurance Paper Work for Cars in Japan).  See the picture of a Jibaiseki on this page – picture is for display purposes only).

JCI or CALI is JibaiSeki in Japanese.  It is a compulsory insurance component of the shaken / car registration cost on a vehicle. When a new shaken is made/extended the Jibaiseki is also created or renewed.

What is SHAKEN?
Shaken = Car Registration
From new all passenger cars have three years registration(shaken) and then the shaken is renewed every two years after that for the life of the car.  Some people still ask if after ten years does the shaken have to be done ever year?  The answer is no.  It is every two years for the life of the car after the first three years.

Can the shaken / car registration be extended for less than two years?  No.
In some cases people leaving Japan find that they will need the car’s shaken will expire only a few weeks or short time before they leave!  OH no!  Do I need to pay for two years extension?  Unfortunately yes – if the car is to be driven on the road it needs to have the shaken extended and there is no choice in length of extension.

Don’t remiss to much as even renting a small car for one month will cost about 100,000 yen or so – larger SUV type vehicles can cost over 200,000 yen to rent per month!  So the cost of extending the shaken is not too bad compared top this cost.  You can try and negotiate most of that extended shaken cost in the sale price of your car.  Sell your car – let Mick Lay assist you with selling your car in Tokyo!

Video – What is JCI?  What is CALI?  What is JIBAISEKI

This paper work must be in the car at all times – if you have an accident the police will ask to see this document along with the shakensho (registration paper).

If you are in an accident and need assistance with translation contact Mick Lay.


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