Getting A Parking Certificate


Proof of Parking – (Parking Certificate) is Required to Register a Car in Your Name or Company Name.

In Japan all privately owned vehicles must have a specific parking space. 

Parking Space Dimensions – weight limit
The width/length and height of the space should be sufficient for your vehicle to fit.  In some machine parking systems the weight of the car can be restricted as well.  Check with your parking space administrator as to the exact dimensions / restrictions of your parking space.   

Parking Space Distance From Registered Home/Office Address.
The parking space must be within 2 km from your registered residence/office address.

No Parking Permit Required Locations 
There are some areas in Japan that do not require a parking space – e.g Hakuba Village.

How to apply for the Parking Space Permit – 
Attend your local Police Station and Ask for parking space application documents.

1.There is a form to fill in the car details, your address, the address of the car space, car space dimensions etc etc – fill this in ans stamp where appropriate.
2. Supply the copy of the parking/housing contract proving that you have a parking space- provide a copy of the inkanshomeisho – the name and addresses on these documents will match!

3. Supply a map of the location of the parking spot and also a zoomed in view of the parking space showing dimension and the relation of the parking space in relation to your home/office.  If the parking space is located away form your home/office draw a line of the map showing as the crow lies how far the space is loctaed away from your home/office  – remember it needs to be within two kms.

Ask your housing agent or landlord for the parking space paper work – or if your housing contract / office contract shows that a car space is included and that contract has your name/company name on it you can use a copy of that document.   

If you are LEASING your parking space you will need to get the real estate agent to provide the below form;

If you OWN your own home where the parking space is located you will need the following forms;

Parking on the of the road (illegally) –  you can receive fines or your car could be towed away – you’ll pay for the parking fine, plus towing plus storage – ouch!.