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Importing cars to your country from Japan

Importing cars to your country from Japan

Do you want to buy a car from Japan but unsure on how to do it or do you need someone in Japan to check the car for you and send a report on the condition.

1) You found a car online and need it checked?

You searched and found a car online but unsure of the condition or what to do next?

First – send us a link of the car you are interested in.
Second – as long as the car is in the greater Tokyo area, we will go and check the car for you, take pictures and a video and email you a report.
Third – arrange to purchase directly from the dealer.

2) Need help sending it from Japan to your home country? 

Subject to where you live you will need to check your home country import regulations.  If you are able to import a car the next steps is for us at Mick Lay Motors to…

First – transport the car from the dealer to the port.
Second – arrange export documentation.
Third – arrange shipping and marine insurance.

3) Car arrives in your home country. 

Once the car arrives in your home country you will need to arrange to pick it up from the port and get it complied and registered.  Subject to which country we might be able to introduce companies that can help.


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