Getting a Japanese Stamp and an Inkanshomeisho

One of the documents you need when you go to buy a car is an Inkanshomeisho from the local ward office.  However in order to get this first you need to get a Japanese stamp made (also known as a Hanko or Inkan).  This system in Japan is similar to getting a notary to notify your signature in another country.


Where to get a Japanese Stamp/Inkan.

Probably the easiest place is Hanko21 there is one in Ebisu or in Tamachi.  Just make sure you say you need one for an Inkanshomeisho also best to take something with your last name in Katakana on it and request for that to be used.


Registering it at the local ward office.

Once you have your stamp made you need to take it to the local ward office, along with your residency card and then you can have it registered.

Before you leave make sure you request for them to print off an Inkanshomeisho for you – this document is what you will need in order to purchase a car, as well as stamping a couple of other forms.


  • The inkanshomeisho’s look different for each area, so if yours doesnt look the same as the above video that’s fine.
  • Inakanshomeisho’s are only valid for 3 months