New Mercedes Benz S550 Long – nothing but class!

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There isn’t much I can say about this car that most people wouldn’t already know – well at least dream about!  And realistically it is only available for a selected few but hey we can all dream.

Really this car is just as comfortable if you are driving it or if you have a driver and relaxing/working in the back of it.  With a 4.6-litre Bi-turbo V8 under the hood, sending 449 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels by way of a seven-speed automatic transmission, not only is it smooth for town driving but it has the power to get up an go on the highways also.

How did one ever managed to get by without massaging seats (14 pneumatic chambers in each offering a spa-like selection of massages ranging from Active Workout to Hot Relaxing with Classic and Activating thrown in for good measure). Or in the middle of the summer heat how you got away with not having 6 vents sucking the heat from you? Also with a choice of four computer-controlled scents, the Air Balance system masking even the most malodorous. And, if that isn’t enough to set the proper mood, you can change the interior’s ambient colour via adjustable LED lighting.

Now we really don’t have time or enough space to include all the safety features that have been include in the S550 but lets just say there is over 30 million lines of coding so you should feel very safe.  With lane monitoring (even steering adjusting), auto stopping, night view assisting, pedestrians watching features you should be fine with what ever the road throws at you.

Below are some 36 month options, prices are subject to change depending on options and models.  The below figures are based on  a S550 long in Diamond White with Black leather interior available and has the AMG line pack.

All Finance prices are subject to approval, so contact us at MickLay Motors and we can help you get your Finance Approval today, easily and in English.

New Mercedes Benz S550 Long - nothing but class!

New S550 long – 36 payments – ¥338,904
Final Payment – Contact us for final payment details
Note: Figures are subject to finance approval and options.  Private Insurance not included.

* Prices may change without notice. Subject to supply the vehicle mentioned may not be available. Application for lease approval is required (contact us for the form to do that) – not all applications are approved).

** Pictures/video of the car on this page and web site are for display purposes only. The car supplied may differ slightly in color, design, features, options and model as to the one pictured on this page.

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