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Do you want a new car? Let Mick Lay Motors get it sorted for you.  We can arrange everything in English and have the car delivered to your door.

Let us take the hassle out of it for you, For most makes and model you pay no extra.

Ie. Height restrictions - Max height 155cm
Note: Some options are not available on all models.

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Paperwork Needed

Parking Certificate

In order to purchase a car you will need a parking certificate.  To find detailed information please read this page – Parking Certificate

Inkanshomeisho/Japanese Stamp

These days the easiest way to purchase a car is to get a Japanese stamp made and go to the local ward office to register it.  The paper the ward office gives you is called an Inkanshomeisho – for full details click here

Transferring you License

For some countries you will be required to sit a driving test however for a number of others you just need to get your license transferred, if you are lucky enough to be from one of these countries find information here on how to transfer you license.

Gas Station Words

Just in case you get stuck at the gas station, find information on basic sayings in order to make the process go smoother – Click here