We can find you the best car for your money


1) Choosing a car to drive in Tokyo

First and foremost! How big is your car space? Is there any height, width restriction? If your space is inside a machine type parking bay there is a good chance you may be limited to the height and width of car you can park. Also, check if your car space is not a machine type but it is undercover. Maybe there is a height issue? Sometimes the actual garage roof is high enough but the garage door`s height is lower. Do check!

2) Next is the car……what make or model do I buy?

You may already have a preferred make and model. If so great! Go for it! Call MickLay.com and we will get you pricing on that particular car ASAP.

3) Not sure on what size car to buy?

Do you need something with enough room for the whole family?  Something small and compact to run around Tokyo in?

Sporty to impress your friends?

The Honda Odyssey, Toyota Isis, size vehicle (6 or 7 seaters) are great medium size people movers. The only thing is if the children are older than 3 years of age you may still find these vehicles a bit too small. After loading all the luggage and possibly a friend or two room will run out very quickly.

If this sounds like you I would advise looking at the next size vehicle like the Toyota Vanguard. The Vanguard is sold as a 5 or 7 seat vehicle and an extra 3rd row is an option so not all Vanguards come with 7 seats. Be sure to Check! The Vanguard comes in a 2.4ltr or a 3.5ltr and 2WD or 4WD in both engine sizes – the 3.5ltr goes really well! If you are looking for a seven-seat vehicle with power and practicality and not too large in size (as compared to the Range Rover or similar) then the Vanguard is a good choice.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.