Flexible Lease Deals

Looking for the best all round lease deal in Japan?

Take advantage of Mick Lay’s ability to source and supply almost any car in the Japanese new and used car dealer market and then match it with a lease contract that meets your circumstances and requirements.

What is in a lease? You are paying for the depreciation of the car, then at the end of the lease you can either give the car back or purchase the car outright at the pre-determined amount.

Insurance You may already have an insurance policy on a current vehicle that you would like to transfer to your lease car, this can be arranged. Or if you require insurance to be set up we can arrange this also.

1) Non Maintenance is where the lessee (customer) is responsible for any maintenance costs.
2) Basic Maintenance is the periodical check and change of oil and oil filters, brakes and engine belts, battery, lights etc. It does not cover the replacement of most parts e.g, broken light covers, flat batteries due to owner misuse (leaving lights on etc), punctured or blown tires, cracked wind screens etc. If the car is a new car most major components will be covered by the manufacturer warranty. You will also be required to take your car to the service shop and pick it up when finished.
3) Full maintenance covers not just the periodical service checks and oil change but also any requirements to replace and fix parts that may need replacing. E.g. tires, lights, battery, windscreen, etc. Full maintenance can be included in the monthly lease rate. The full maintenance monthly fee will differ subject to the car leased.

Term Flexibility Lease terms generally start from 6 months. New cars usually are from 24 months. What happens if you need to lease your car for a further one or two months after the original set term? You will find that most lease companies can not assist in extending your lease for that short a period.We can arrange such an extention. Contact us directly to get the best all round lease deal on your next car.

Benefit of Supplying Insurance in your name: Having an insurance policy in your name allows you to enjoy any no claim bonuses you earn over the life of the policy. For each year you do not make a claim your insurance cost will decline. If you took out a lease that included insurance you would not receive this reduction. Once the lease is over you may have an option to buy the car. In the case where you do buy the car you can continue on with your insurance policy that is all ready in place. Or if you where to buy or lease another the transfer of the insurance is a simple process.

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