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Shipping your car from Japan

Shipping your car home from Japan can be a hassle, each country has its own rules and regulations on how many cars if any you can import. What tests and services are required before the car can enter a country? So if you are interested in shipping your car back to your home country please contact us and we will be happy to explain the procedure for whatever current you come from.

Advise / Things to do before exporting

1. To de-register your car you will need to remove the number plates and take them to the nearest car registration office with a copy of your original registration (shakensho) and your personal stamp (inkanshomesho) and tell them you need an export certificate (yushutsu masho).
2. Always properly inspect your car and go the extra mile to prepare it for auto transport. A lot of people will rely on the carriers to check their cars before and after the transport. No matter what the situation, you should always inspect your vehicle yourself before and after transport. Take note of any scratches or dents and have the auto shipper sign off on it. Do the same once your vehicle is received. If possible, you should also take detailed and dated pictures of the exterior of your car. This way, if you receive your car with any damage you have photo proof that it was not there before.
3. Keep all paperwork of the transaction and correspondence as proof of your business
4. Ask us about shipping insurance options

Application forms

Australian Import
You can find the application here – click here
If you haven’t owned the car in Japan for more than a year, you may need to find a RAWs approved workshop with a license to import this car, a list of workshops can be found here