Selling Your Car

When the time comes to sell your car in Tokyo you have a couple of options.

1. Private Sale This usually results in the best possible sale price.
2. Wholesale…when there is no private buyer wholesale will be your next option…
3. Recycle If your car is getting to old we can arrange to take your car away/recycle for free (conditions apply).


Depending on the year, make, model and km’s of your car the wholesale price may be very close to if not the same as retail. Why? Due to demand from overseas markets (export) the wholesale price of your vehicle may be higher than you think. will send an authorised auto used car assessor to check your car.

Benefit of Wholesale

1) Instant Sale
2) No need to deal with private buyers
3) Your name (Title) will be taken off the ownership papers. (Private sales – You run the risk of not having the name taken off the title)

Cons of Wholesale
1) Price is usually lower than that of a private sale.

After buying and selling cars in Tokyo for more than 20 years we have a large dealer network.

If you are selling your car let us put your car to our Japanese network in order to try and get you the best possible price for your car and best of all it wont cost you a thing for us to quote you a price!

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