How do I Sell my Car in TOKYO?

I need to sell my car in Tokyo. How to Sell a car in Tokyo Japan?

When Selling a car in Tokyo you  have three options which are selling to a friend or friend of a friend.  Sell at wholesale to a dealer like Mick Lay Motors and or scrap the car – Mick Lay can assist in scrapping your car for no charge – contact us today.

1. Private Sale – Mick Lay can help!
This usually results in the best possible sale price for you.  It usually is a deal stuck between your self and a friend.

2. Wholesale Car Selling in Tokyo – call Mick Lay.
When there is no private buyer for your car Mick Lay can buy your car at wholesale – this option is also fast and easy for you!  No need to show people the car, meet people, no need to have strangers make appointments to come over and look at your car only to cancel or delay the timing.  Also what do you do for paper work?  Will the buyer really transfer the car out of your name?

3. Recycle – Mick Lay can take your car away for free / scrap your car for no charge in (assuming the car is in Tokyo or near Tokyo and you have all paper work required) – email Mick Lay about what you will need in terms of paper work to scrap your car.
If your car is getting to old we can arrange to take your car away/recycle for free (conditions apply).

Depending on the year, make, model and kilometers of your car the wholesale price may be very close to if not the same as retail. Why?
Due to demand from overseas markets (export), the wholesale price of your vehicle may be higher than you think.   Contact Mick Lay Motors today for an indication of possible wholesale price on your car today.

Benefit of Wholesale
1) Instant Sale
2) No need to deal with private buyers
3) Your name (Title) will be taken off the ownership papers. (Private sales – You run the risk of not having the name taken off the title)

Cons of Wholesale
1) Price is usually lower than that of a private sale.

Recycling – 
Sometimes the car is in good working order but due to the age and or condition of the body of the vehicle the value of your car is zero.  You are leaving Japan and you need to dispose of your car – you don’t want to pay to get rid of it!  Ok – contact Mick Lay asap.  Email a copy of the car’s shaken paper and Mick will advise on what other paper work you will need.  

Car Pick Up
Can we pick up the car from your house?
If you live in Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Saitama or near top these areas to we are generally able to pick up your car for no charge.   Contact Mick Lay today.






After buying and selling cars in Tokyo for more than 20 years we have a large dealer network.

If you are selling your car let us put your car to our Japanese network in order to try and get you the best possible price for your car and best of all it won’t cost you a thing for us to quote you a price!