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Maintenance / Servicing / Repairs

If you are like many people, your car is an important especially in Japan. It is, therefore, important that you adhere to a car maintenance schedule. To determine a schedule that best suits you contact Mick Lay Motors and we will arrange a maintenance schedule for your time in Japan. Breakdowns are generally inconvenient and costly and in many cases, they are also avoidable. The way to avoid them is to maintain your vehicle. Most drivers generally do not know which auto components should be checked or replaced at which times without some help. Thats where Mick Lay Motors comes in contact us on 03-3468-0804 for advise.

Maintenance & Servicing – Auto maintenance is the ongoing process of keeping a car working in a safe and reliable manner, often focusing on preventive measures. Certain parts get worn out with use in all automobile engines and are intended to be replaced at certain intervals before the parts fail. Prime examples include tires and brakes. Other maintenance tasks involve checking and changing fluids such as oil that protect vital systems such as the engine. Auto maintenance also includes ensuring that items are in proper working condition, such as checking tire pressure. These basic maintenance tasks are needed on all cars, specific makes and models also have additional requirements.

Repairs – With our in house garage, panel beating and spray shop what ever you need doing we can do for you.