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Tokyo Car Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs. We do it all in English

It is important that you take care of your car in Tokyo.  Car maintenance at least once a year is a good idea.   As your car will be checked and if needed serviced at the time the shaken / car registration is due then you really only need to keep an eye on water and oil levels there after.  Subject to how much you drive you may only need to do the service at the time of the shaken extension.  Some vehilce however use more oil and need more attention than others!  (Especially non Japanese make vehicles).  If you think you’d like to have your car checked and or serviced contact Mick Lay today. 

Breakdowns are inconvenient and can be costly and in some cases, they are also avoidable. The way to avoid them is to maintain your vehicle. Most drivers generally do not know which auto components should be checked or replaced at which times without some help.  CONTACT US


Maintenance & Servicing
Auto maintenance is the ongoing process of keeping a car working in a safe and reliable manner, often focusing on preventive measures. Certain parts get worn out with use in all automobile engines and are intended to be replaced at certain intervals before the parts fail. Prime examples include tires, brakes, drive shaft boots, tie rod ends, fan belts, other engine related belts etc. Other maintenance tasks involve checking and changing fluids such as oil that protect vital systems such as the engine. Auto maintenance also includes ensuring that items are in proper working condition, such as checking tire pressure. These basic maintenance tasks are needed on all cars, specific makes and models also have additional requirements.

Contact Mick Lay Motors about body and mechanical repairs for your car toady.  CONTACT US