390,000 yen plus registration costs
AWD - Great for the snow areas of Japan.
7 Seats
790,000 yen plus reg fees.
Private Sale - contact Mick for details.
Cheap! Budget!
Contact Mick for details.
Out of stock
190,0000 yen
For Sale
Out of stock
(Includes the two year shaken extension just done in Jan 2021).
Out of stock
590,000 yen plus registration fees.
Budget Vehicle with two years shaken included!
Out of stock
695,000 plus registration costs
Long registration, low km! Leather!
Out of stock
3,100,000 yen
Great Value here with low km and long shaken/registration.
Out of stock
1,200,000 yen
Long registration, auto sliding doors, navigation, rear parking camera, sun roof etc (DAA -AHR20W)
Out of stock
390,000 yen as is.
Private Sale