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Looking to buy a new or used car in Tokyo, Japan? Or maybe sell your car?

We at have been helping people buy and sell cars in and around Tokyo for over 20 years giving us a wealth of experience. Let us help make your life easier and find the perfect car for you.

Take advantage of's ability to source and supply almost any car in the Japanese new and used car dealer market and then match it with a lease contract that meets your circumstances and requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the auto industry in Japan we guarantee that you will get with the best possible deal available. Consult with us today.

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If we don’t have it. Let us source it!

  If you have the time and patience you can drive out to the areas where car dealers are located (mostly on the outskirts of Tokyo).  You will experience the hassle of traffic (getting…more

How to buy a car in Japan

How to buy a car in Japan Firstly you may want to check our video library for cars in Japan here If you have the time and patience you can drive out to the…more

Door to Door Car Registration Extension & Servicing in Tokyo

Door to Door Car Registration Extension and Servicing in Tokyo For some reason people think that after ten years the car registration of vehicles in Japan changes to every year (once a year).  …more

Lease/finance or cash – how can MickLay Motors help?

The difference between buying and leasing “When you buy, you pay for the entire cost of a vehicle, regardless of how many miles you drive it…When you lease, you pay for only a portion…more

Need Insurance with English support?

English Car Insurance If you own a motor vehicle, it is mandatory to have insurance for your vehicle. There are two types of insurance that you should have. 1) Compulsory Third Party Insurance (jibaiseki…more

Transferring your Drivers Licence in Japan

As with most things when you first arrive in Japan transferring your drivers license can be a hassle. Unfortunately we can’t actually do it for you, but below you will find all the steps…more

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